All that we do

Where to begin! We have great ideas, and artisans; contractors and designers to help in any aspect of your project. With more services for the home than any other local shoppe, we truly are your one-stop-shop- for all your decor needs! Open 7 days a week to serve you better.

Fabric, Wallpaper, Tile & More


With extensive collections, we at Centre Decor Hudson have all the specialty items you could possibly need or want to make your house a home. Lea searches for the finest fabric, wallpaper, tiles, countertops, mosaics, blinds, curtains, fixtures and instalation products to make every project easy.

Coupled with the best installers, reupholsterers, seamstresses, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, finishers, decorators, designers and painters and more, we’ve got all that you need.

Paint & Sundries


We are an Independant Benjamin Moore retailer, and as such, have all the very best interior and exterior products available for you. As well, we have an extentive collection of fine stain, decorative paint and finishes for any one of your varied project’s needs.

We are fully stocked with all the tools you will ever need; but not so many as to make your head spin. Our specialist/artiste/owner Lea has been at this a long time, and has narrowed the field of sundries to only the best.

CDH Artisan Collection


A wonderful project that was part of Lea’s ultimate vision for Centre Decor Hudson, and 5 years in the making, the CDH Artisan Collection is a wonderful guild of local Hudson Artisans.

Disappointed with the shear volume of run-of-the-mill decor products being offered by, well, everyone, Lea sought out local artisans to fill the niche. What better place to find those but in Hudson? Potters, painters, artists, knitters, crafters, woodworkers all enjoy space in Centre Decor Hudson.

Local talent is everything.

Classes, services et certificats-cadeaux


For the last 15 years, clients have begged Lea to offer her expertise in a class. Finally, in her own shoppe, Lea offers a Furniture Refinishing class over two nights. A new concept where you actually bring your piece, and learn the technique you need. No two students ever do the same thing, so you get to complete a project you’ve been aching to do all the while seeing what everyone else is doing.

Our services are really varied and encompass all you’ll need: seamstresses, reupholsterers, installers, color matching, design services and contractor referals among many more.

As always, we offer gift certificates for any product or service we carry.