After 30 days from store invoice date, there are NO refunds, returns, replacements or store credits.

On any custom order, be it tiles, paint, fabric or any other product ordered through Centre Decor Hudson’s supplier channel, before 30 days from invoiced date:

~ There is a 30% restocking fee applied to all returns.
~ In the case of tiles: only full unbroken cases are returnable. NO INSTALLATION MATERIALS (ie cement, mastic, grout, sealer etc) are returnable. In the case of Schluter systems, edges, ramps etc are subject to the 30% restocking fee. Ditra and Kerdi are not returnable.
~ Fabric cut yardage is NOT returnable – If the fabric is damaged (ie thread pull) the fabric will be replaced after examination by supplier.
~ Under no circumstance are custom made curtains, drapes, window coverings of any kind, bedding, cushions or any other soft furnishing returnable to Centre Decor Hudson. They may be subject to replacement or fixing, at the discretion of Centre Decor Hudson.
~ Tinted paint is NOT returnable. Custom ordered paint, ie paint not in regular rotation, is returnable, untinted only at a restocking fee of 30%, added onto the contractor’s discount, for a restocking fee of up to 45%.

In all cases, it is at the discretion of the owner of Centre Decor Hudson, Lea Durocher, to deem how the cases are paid out: whether refund or replacement or store credit.